Monday, March 15, 2010

Modify the Integration module promoted properties using jython script

IBM tech note shows how to modify the promoted properties;


You want to change properties of mediation primitive at runtime. You need the Jython example to deploy a mediation module EAR file and modify the promoted properties using the wsadmin command.


The relevant Jython would contain the following:
AdminTask.modifySCAModuleProperty('[-moduleName -propertyName "" -newPropertyValue ]')


is the name of the module
and are the property group and alias specified in WebSphere Integration Developer
is the new property value

You should also specify new properties during application installation using wsadmin using the following:

AdminApp.install('/path/to/Module.ear', '[-SIBSCAClientInstall [[,"="]]]')

Saturday, February 6, 2010

SanDisk USB flash drive and CDFS file system

I was trying to make a Ubuntu bootable USB disk; and attempted to use my SanDisk 4GB flash drive. Unfortunately SanDisk comes with pre formatted file systems FAT32 and CDFS file system. I could not remove the CDFS file system using Windows disk management tool.

SanDisk gives a removal tool to remove this CDFS file system, using this I was able to remove the file system from flash drive.

Here is the link to removal tool

I will attempt to make a Linux bootable flash drive

Samsung Blackjack 2

Found some secret codes for Samsung Blackjack 2; below codes worked on my mobile

*#7465625# = Check the locks
*#1111# S/W Version
*#1234# Firmware Version
*#2222# H/W Version

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Samsung Blackjack 2 windows update

Few days back I got my samsung blackjack 2; first thing I tried is to update OS on mobile from Windows mobile 6.0 to Windows Mobile 6.1;

Samsung create a nice doc on how to upgrade, with very detail instructions. Its very nice and clear;

Once you update you will find new features in your mobile.

WebSphere Integration Developer BOXMLSerializer writewithOptions


The default BOXMLSerializer writes XML with spaces and tabs; to remove tabs/spaces you can use below code.

BOXMLSerializer bos = (BOXMLSerializer) ServiceManager.INSTANCE.locateService

Map options = new HashMap(); options.put

bos.writeDataObjectWithOptions(dataObject, targetNamespace, element, options);